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This is the dog video DVD that you’ve been hearing about!

Imagine. A dog movie. A movie about dogs. A dog movie only about dogs! A movie for dogs! That dogs love! Well here it is, THE MOVIE FOR DOGS!

You’ll never have to leave your dog home alone again. THE MOVIE FOR DOGS will entertain your pet for hours! Put in the DVD and watch your best friend be captivated by action, sounds and everything your lonely dog needs for entertainment. THE MOVIE FOR DOGS is a dog video that has been specifically designed for dogs (but we are hearing that cats and birds like it too!). The DVD will play continuously while you're away. 

THE MOVIE FOR DOGS is a dog video designed to alleviate the separation anxiety that many dogs, (and their human companions!), suffer while apart. THE MOVIE FOR DOGS strives to satisfy a dog's social needs and provides dog stimulation while giving you peace of mind.

Now when its time to go, just pop in THE MOVIE FOR DOGS. This dog movie features a variety of visual and audio material essential for dog stimulation. THE MOVIE FOR DOGS has action and sounds, everything required for lonely dog entertainment. This dog video is divided into several segments that dogs love. Your dog can watch dogs in the water, at the dog park, agility competition, and other fun dog activities. Behind the visual dimension is a soundtrack of different audio cues that help to focus your dog's interest throughout this fun dog movie. While watching this dog video, your dog gets to escape to a world of dogs having a great day.

Happy customers around the world all say that THE MOVIE FOR DOGS has been the answer to their lonely dog issues. Remember, dog movies, about dogs, never need subtitles! So whatever country you are in, we hope that your dog too will enjoy THE MOVIE FOR DOGS. Thank you and remember:


THE MOVIE FOR DOGS has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC News, ABC News, New York Dog, Modern Dog, Dog Fancy, too many other newspaper & magazine stories to mention…

I wanted to say thanks to all of you great dog lovers who have purchased THE MOVIE FOR DOGS this year. I am very happy to announce that, as of October 1st, 2011, THE MOVIE FOR DOGS has donated over $6,500.00 in cash and products to dog charities across America.


Thanks again, Ray Benenati and Sophie.

Ps…can you tell I love dogs? It really is all about dogs!!!

Watch Donny Deutch on The Million Dollar Question with Ray Benenati and The Movie For Dogs!

  Organizations that have benefited from your movie purchase......

New Leash on Life
The Humane Society of New York (www.humanesocietyny.org)
Wiggle Buttz Boxer Rescue (www.wigglebuttz.com)
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England (www.csrne.org)


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People often ask, do dogs watch tv, (television)?  well, the answer is yes.  dogs watch tv, (television), every day. Many dogs love to watch tv.  as a matter of fact many dogs love to watch television while they are home alone.  it has been shown that dogs watching tv can be entertaining for dogs. Did you know that dogs watching tv may help with separation anxiety.  the movie for dogs may help with separation anxiety.  dogs love to watch dogs on tv, (television).  many  dogs on tv are fun to watch.  dogs on tv are on this dvd.  remember that the movie for dogs is a dvd for dogs to watch on tv while you are away.